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Insure your hard earned cash against cyber crime

Get covered for all common forms of online fraud and virus attacks

MyCybercare Fraudulent Online Purchases icon

Fraudulent Online Purchases

When neither you or your actual credit card are present at the point of sale.

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Virus Attacks

Malware or viruses unwittingly downloaded onto your computer or device that harvest your personal data.

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Fraudulent EFT’s

Someone gains access to your banking details and withdrawals money from your account without your knowledge.

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Phishing Scams

Fraudsters con you into providing your personal information and use it to perpetrate fraud.

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Fraudulent In-App Purchases

Your credit card details used to pay for mobile applications are vulnerable.


Get one year free anti virus software

Antivirus software is designed to defend devices against malware and other computer threats.


Protect Your Data From Being Held Hostage

Policies only available from 11 August

The benefits of insuring with

We are a global leader in cyber insurance products

Underwritten by our global insurance partner, GENRIC Insurance Company LTD, MyCybercare provides cyber insurance in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. GENRIC Insurance Company LTD is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP No: 43638.

Approved claims payout in 72 hours or less

The Insurer and its representatives are committed to settle all valid claims within 72 hours of obtaining all the necessary documentation. You have the choice to settle your claim via pay out in cash to your bank account, or pay out to your credit card.

1 year FREE subscription to antivirus software

MyCybercare offers a leading security software brand designed to enhance information security. It will defend computers/devices against intrusion and unauthorized use of resources. To qualify for cover, an active internet security and/or antivirus solution is required on your transacting device.

Peace of mind, transact online with total confidence

At MyCybercare, we understand the importance of keeping your hard-earned money protected. With cover for your funds and a FREE subscription to antivirus software, you have complete transactional liability cover for the loss of funds due to online cyber theft or phishing.

What are the risks of transacting online?

  • Cyber crime can affect absolutely anyone who transacts online
  • Your personal credit card or business banking details can be stolen off computers, websites or apps at any time
  • Your identity can be stolen to perpetrate fraudulent online transactions
  • You could lose your life’s savings or suffer serious cash flow problems for your business
  • It can cost a great deal of time and frustration to restore your credit and your reputation