Fraudulent In-App Purchases

Protect Yourself From Smartphone Tricksters


An in-app purchase (IAP) is something that is bought within a mobile application, on any mobile device. There are a variety of things that can be purchased in these apps including subscriptions, services and products. A fraudulent in-app purchase can happen to any user who has uploaded their credit card details to a mobile app.


Food, transport and music store apps require users to load their personal credit card details within the app. Funds are deducted for services used or products purchased. If the user has not used or purchased such services/products, it is likely that their cards have been fraudulently used by another user.

Why You Need MyCybercare Cover

Under no circumstances will you receive a refund from local banks for a fraudulent in-app purchase. The user has no mobile usage protection. But MyCybercare will cover users in the event of illegal in-app purchases coming off their bank accounts. This is essential in a mobile-first world where smartphones are increasingly used over computers.