The 50-plus videos on the Wizer Cyber Awareness Training platform will equip you with the necessary information to make wise choices when interacting online.

Wizer Security Awareness Training Platform: Included in the MyCyberCare Digital Warranty Bundle.

What does Wizer Cyber Awareness Training offer?

We have focused on some of the more common, as well as some niche, real-world scenarios showing techniques, tactics and schemes that hackers currently use to jeopardise your home and organisation’s security. In this fully automated training campaign, we explain how to avoid email scams, ransomware, unintentional data leaks, travel and public Wi-Fi incidents.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for your Team

In order for cyber security measures to be effective in an organisation, all stakeholders need to be fully engaged. Regrettably, communicating the message to employees can often be a frustrating and counter-productive exercise. With this in mind,  MyCyberCare has joined forces with international training solution developer Wizer, to offer a series of free videos that make cyber security and cyber awareness quick and easy to implement.

It’s not all Business | The Family Edition

Security starts at home! That’s why we created the Home Edition. A series of under a minute videos for the entire family. Enjoy a combination for Video Training, Phishing Simulation and Gaming – making this learning experience fun for all!

Internet Safety for Kids

Many children at school in the virtual classroom! This means they are spending even more time online; gaming, texting, watching or uploading videos to YouTube, or socializing through apps in addition to school. This also means cyber security risks are higher. Many children feel they know how to avoid getting hacked, but the reality is most of them don’t. In fact, over 1 million identities of children are stolen every year and 1 in 4 teens admit to sexting!

Work From Home Securely with our Videos, Guides and Platform

Cyber Security Polices, Procedures, and Technology Guides for the work from home employee.