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Specialist cyber insurance provider MyCybercare has signed an Electronic Software Distribution Agreement for Africa and UK with Kaspersky, that will allow MyCybercare customers across both regions to gain the added protection of Kaspersky’s suite of security software. Offering complete transactional liability cover for loss of funds due to online cyber theft or phishing, MyCybercare will now also be providing Kaspersky products on a subscription basis.


MyCybercare CEO Simon Campbell-Young says that as a company focused on protecting individuals and businesses from cyber criminals, the partnership with Kaspersky made sense. “Kaspersky has a reputation for being one of the best security solutions on the market, and by making it easier for our customers to access the right security solution for their needs, we are ensuring that they are even more comprehensively protected. We are now looking to expand the relationship with Kaspersky for Europe, ME and USA”


Kaspersky says that the company is committed to working with premier software and hardware vendors to provide the best security solutions possible. “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with MyCybercare, which enables us to bring African and UK customers closer to the brand, with easier and direct access to the company’s latest technologies and security solutions”, says Riaan Badenhorst, General Manager for Africa at Kaspersky.

“We look forward to this exciting new journey and hope that MyCybercare’s global footprint and unique offering will contribute to growing our businesses together and helping our customers to be well protected from existing and emerging cyberthreats”.


Campbell-Young notes that the significant increase in data breach rates across the world, along with the growing number of ransomware attacks have been a wakeup call for organisations and individuals alike. “As we see ever-changing and ever more sophisticated threats, the ease with which cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities is making it apparent that a far more robust approach is needed,” he says.


“Breaches and data theft occur routinely – companies and consumers rarely know they have been breached, with individuals even more in the dark. Not only are the majority of security breaches actually identified by third parties, on average it takes 193 days after the breach first occurred. What is required, therefore, is the peace of mind a combination of security and insurance can offer. We are proud to have Kaspersky as a partner to further help our customers be more resilient in the face of the ever-growing threat landscape.”

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